Proponents of e-cigarettes argue that the devices are safer than traditional cigarettes. They also argue that e-cigarettes can be helpful for individuals who are addicted to cigarettes but want to quit smoking. However, it is important to remember that e-cigarettes are another form of nicotine delivery.  In addition, these are electronic devices that could cause injuries if they are defective. Many problems have been reported in the past few years associated with the use of e-cigarettes.

The FDA is currently investigating another potentially harmful risk of using e-cigarettes — seizures. The agency announced that it is investigating multiple reports indicating that some e-cigarette users have experienced seizures after using the devices, especially young adults and underage smokers. 

The FDA and Poison Control Centers Receive Multiple Reports of Seizures Associated with E-Cigarette Use 

The FDA and poison control centers received at least 35 reported cases of individuals having seizures after using e-cigarettes between 2010 and early 2019. Reports of seizures increased around mid-2018.

It is recognized that a potential side effect of nicotine poisoning is convulsions and seizures. The FDA has not identified a direct relationship between the risk of seizures and the use of e-cigarettes; however, the agency believes that the number of reports warrants an investigation into the matter.  Anyone who experiences adverse effects after using e-cigarettes, including seizures, can report the incident to the FDA through its Safety Reporting Portal.

Nicotine Poisoning is Extremely Dangerous

Nicotine poisoning can cause vomiting, seizures, and convulsions. However, it can also cause brain injury and death. Infants and children who accidentally swallow nicotine solutions are at risk for fatal complications. At this time, it is unknown what type of e-cigarette could deliver a potentially lethal or dangerous dose of nicotine or why the e-cigarette might deliver a higher than safe dose of nicotine. 

Teens and Young Adults are at a High Risk for Negative Consequences and Brain Damage from Using Vaping Devices

In 2018, it was estimated that 3.6 million middle and high school students in the United States used e-cigarettes. According to the CDC, the nicotine in e-cigarettes can harm brain development in kids and teens. Because nicotine is highly addictive, many kids and teens who begin using vaping devices continue using the devices and may begin using traditional cigarettes in the future. 

Research shows that nicotine can harm a person’s developing brain through 25 years of age. Seizures are usually due to a temporary change in the brain electrical functioning. While it is unknown if vaping is related to the reported seizures, the fact that nicotine harms brain development and seizures are related to brain function makes it understandable why parents and health officials are concerned with the use of vaping devices by young adults and teens.

Other harmful consequences of using e-cigarettes for young adults and teens include:

  • E-cigarettes contain other harmful substances;
  • The batteries in some e-cigarettes have been reported to cause injury to users;
  • A JUUL e-cigarette pod contains as much nicotine as 20 traditional cigarettes;
  • Nicotine can harm the areas of the brain that control mood, attention, impulse control, and learning;
  • The use of nicotine can impact how the brain stores memories and skills;
  • Using nicotine may lead to abuse of other substances; 
  • E-cigarette aerosol can contain cancer-causing chemicals, heavy metals, and other dangerous substances; and,
  • The substance used in e-cigarettes could be harmful to the lungs.

Filing an E-Cigarette Injury Claim or Vaping Lawsuit

Vaping devices and e-cigarettes can cause serious injuries. Also, these devices could pose serious health risks that are yet unknown. The risk of seizures from using e-cigarettes is another threat associated with these devices. Without government regulations requiring testing and safe product designs, consumers are at risk for serious injuries and death from using defective and harmful devices. Tragically, millions of these consumers are teenagers and young adults.

If you have suffered an injury after using an e-cigarette or vaping device, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries, damages, and losses. By filing a vaping lawsuit or e-cigarette lawsuit, you hold negligent and reckless parties accountable for allowing dangerous and hazardous products into the marketplace that could cause traumatic and life-altering injuries.

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