Have you taken your child to one of the trampoline parks in Houston? Has your child attended a birthday party at a trampoline park? Trampoline parks are becoming very popular with children and adults. Parents love the fact they can take their children to an indoor park where they can get exercise and expend some energy doing something they enjoy. Many parents join their children on the trampolines.

However, trampoline parks have been in the news lately for a different reason. One study concluded that trampoline parks might be tied to an increase in the number of emergency room visits.

Trampoline Parks Increase in Number

The number of trampoline parks in the United States continues to increase each year. In 2011, there were about 40 parks nationwide. By 2014, the number of trampoline parks had grown to 280. It is estimated that the number of trampoline parks in the U.S. is closer to 800 now. Unfortunately, as the number of trampoline parks has grown, the number of trampoline injuries appears to have also grown.

Injuries at Trampoline Parks

Emergency room visits related to trampoline park injuries have soared as the parks have become more popular. In 2010, there were approximately 581 emergency room visits related to trampoline park incidents. However, within four years, the number of emergency room visits for incidents at trampoline parks rose to 6,932.

Children and adults can sustain a wide variety of injuries at trampoline parks. Broken bones and complex fractures are common injuries suffered by visitors to trampoline parks. However, children and adults may also suffer other injuries, including whiplash, brain injuries, back injuries, strains, torn ligaments, and sprains.

In some cases, injuries at trampoline parks can result in permanent disabilities and impairments. Children who are still growing may need to endure multiple surgeries depending on the severity of the fractures and broken bones.

How Can I Prevent Injuries at a Trampoline Park?

Participating in any recreational activating has some risk of injury. Therefore, parents should take precautions to prevent injuries at trampoline parks.

The American Academy of Pediatrics provides the following recommendations for trampoline safety:

  • Do not perform somersaults
  • Adults should supervise children at all times
  • Equipment should be checked often for safety (parents should ask management about maintenance and safety checks)
  • Only one jumper per trampoline at a time
  • Protective padding and netting should be in good condition
  • Trampolines should have sufficient padding and netting to help reduce the risk of injury (parents should visually confirm padding and netting are installed at parks)

Parents who want to reduce the risk of injury at trampoline parks need to talk to their children about safe jumping. Children need to understand that tricks and flips are dangerous. In addition, parents should report any damaged equipment or violations of safety regulations to management immediately. Also, avoiding peak days and times at trampoline parks can also help reduce the risk of injury.

What Should You Do If You or Your Child Is Injured at a Trampoline Park in Houston?

Owners of trampoline parks use releases to limit their liability for injuries. However, a release does not always limit an owner’s or operator’s liability if the party was negligent or reckless. If you or your child visits a trampoline park, you should always request a copy of the release you sign and keep the copy in a safe location.

If you are injured at a trampoline park, you should notify the park’s management team immediately and seek medical treatment. Before discussing your injury with the trampoline park, its insurance provider, attorney, or other party representing the owner or management company, consult with a Houston trampoline park injury attorney. You and your children may be entitled to receive compensation for damages.

Contact a Houston Trampoline Park Injury Attorney for More Information

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