Apple and Samsung provide a few suggestions for why static may build up on your device and how you can decrease the risk of static shock. Apple says that certain environments and actions could result in static electricity building up on a device. Actions or environments that may produce static electricity include:

  • Environments that are dry with low humidity
  • Exercising or jogging with a device
  • Windy environments
  • Clothing made from synthetic fibers
  • Moving a device in and out of a pocket

Apple provides several tips for avoiding headphone & earbud shock or electrocution. The company suggests that you increase the moisture level in the air or use anti-static spray. You can also use anti-static lotion and wear clothes that do not hold static charges. When outdoors, you should keep your device out of the wind and avoid moving the device in and out of your pockets or rubbing it on certain materials.

Don’t Use Your Headphones or Earbuds When Charging Your Device

Maybe one of the most important suggestions for avoiding headphone & earbud shock or electrocution is never to use your earbuds or headphones while charging your device. It appears that this action increases your risk of injury or death from electrocution substantially.

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